Why A Clever Copywriter Is Your Most Important Asset

Some of you might even be sitting there and wondering what the heck a copywriter even is.

Fair enough. By the end of this article you’ll realize you see them everywhere you look.Anything that requires words for advertising or marketing is technically considered copy.

Phrases or slogans like ‘We The North’. Every single commercial you see where words are either written or spoken. Those arena board advertisements in NHL rinks? You got it. The way you worded the tweets in your upcoming social media campaign. Did you just come from BuzzFeed? Every title of every article on there is copy, including the excerpt from each one.

Even here on WordPress. As I’m writing this I see the blue ‘Publish’ button in the top-right corner. It could just as easily say ‘Share’ or ‘Post’. But as part of a publishing tool it makes the most sense to say ‘Publish’, right?

But let me start with this itty-bitty breakdown of some other moving parts.

Social media consultants are meant to expose your brand and increase traffic towards your website, product or service. Ultimately, providing a boost to revenue and some type of tangible return on investment.

Graphic designers have an expressive and creative talent that is implemented to create killer, engaging websites or powerful and memorable advertisements that can further solidify brand recognition.

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists have the uncanny ability to shoot your website to Google’s first page, increasing traffic and driving relevant customers to your site.

Each of the above roles play an important part in your content marketing strategy, yet they all have one thing in common: words.

And words resonate.

If your social media strategy is unimaginative and as lifeless as the Atacama desert in Chile, then your efforts are wasted and your time and money is whisked away into an irrelevant void. A clever copywriter creates compelling, engaging copy that directly relates back to your customer base and is more likely to convert them from prospects into loyal customers.

Graphic design is an important element to any content strategy, don’t get me wrong. An aesthetically-pleasing visual is much more likely to peak curiosity than a bleak, poorly created one. But here’s the thing: that aesthetically-pleasing visual isn’t anything but a blank canvas until clever copy is added to it. It really doesn’t matter how incredible your most recent design creation is if it doesn’t also contain relevant, compelling and persuasive copy to pull people in.

Getting your website to show up on Google’s first page is like being bumped to first-class from economy, which is what an SEO specialist can bring to the table. This is what drives customers towards your product or service… or is it? Google’s algorithm has changed over the years, transitioning from filling in keywords into abnormal and cluttered articles with as many backlinks as possible, to now rewarding brands for creativity by monitoring situations such as time spent on your site and bounce rate. Persuasive copy provides the ability to reel the reader in and interact with your site, click on your call-to-action items and resonate with your brand.


Through relatable, relevant and exquisitely-written copy and specifically targeted keywords.

“People don’t read ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” -Howard Gossage

The purpose of this post isn’t to throw shade at social media consultants, SEO specialists or graphic designers, because they all play an important role along with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) specialists, accountants and so on, but rather to highlight how valuable a clever copywriter can be to your content marketing strategy.

Let’s say you want to hire a copywriter.

The first website you go to has an appealing, professional design, is well branded and is easy to navigate. It’s got this cool little rotational feature that showcases some neat pictures and logos of past clients and the colours really seem to pop. You meander into their services page and the headline reads “We do writing stuff. Buy our business package and you won’t regret it!” Followed by an equally distressed description of how they’d do that for you (er, maybe not). Does that make you want to reach out, find out more and potentially partner together?

I sure-as-heck hope not.

Not satisfied, you head over to another copywriter website that you stumbled across. Immediately, you notice that it isn’t as aesthetically-pleasing as the previous site, there really isn’t any colour at all and it seems fairly bare-bones with only Home, Services, About and Contact in the menu. No flashing or rotating banners or anything like that.

However, the first headline you see is “A personalized content strategy to boost revenue and generate more leads within 90 days – or your money back!” Followed by a body of copy that is vividly-descriptive, persuasive, personal and extremely compelling. A description that seamlessly explains and outlines what they do, how they do it and how it can only benefit your business in the future.

Which copywriter do you go with? I think I know.

Content marketing is as important as ever today, and increasingly so. And while excellent copy is essential, it needs a combination of the above tactics to truly be meaningful and measurable.

No matter the industry or area of business you’re in, copywriting is an essential ingredient. If you didn’t already know, now you do.

Think of it like a gourmet, 5-star restaurant.

In this case we’ll pretend that social media consultants, graphic designers and SEO specialists are a combination of the table service, the menu and the kitchen staff. Copywriting will serve as the final product and taste of the food.

It starts with table service.

The portion of the night where you become accustomed to your surroundings and start feeling a sense of comfort for where you are. You’re looking around and taking in all that you can, trying to decide what table or area of the restaurant you will enjoy your meal the most. Your server sees you to your seat, introduces themselves and further explains some of the specials on the menu.

You then glance over the menu and contemplate your options.

The lobster or the steak? Oh, but the sides. What sides come with each main?

Maybe just an appetizer for now and see how you feel when you’re finished.

Decided? Great. Ordered? Even better. You’ve explained what you wanted and how you wanted it. Now you patiently await the final product while feeling comfortable with the decision you made.

What you don’t see is what goes on in the kitchen.

The chef doesn’t work alone.

Sure, the rest of the kitchen staff follow their lead, however it’s a seamless combination of planning, creativity, timing, skill and hard work – where one needs the other for the end-goal.

There’s typically some shouting that goes on in a kitchen, too. Good shouting, though.

Positive shouting.

Finally, your server graces you with a beautifully-presented plate. A perfectly cooked steak that is carefully positioned next to your steamed veggies and garlic mash.

Yeah, the plate is a creative piece of art that was a culmination of many moving parts, but it’s still the final product and thetaste that will determine whether or not you return to the restaurant for a second time.

See what I did there?

Just like the taste of the food at the restaurant, the words of your content strategy are what will set you apart from the competition.

And that’s why a clever copywriter is your most important asset.

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About The Author


Greg is a creative copywriter and founder of GrassWrite.com, a persuasive and compelling copywriting service to help business’ generate more leads and grow revenue.


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