The Top 9 Things To Do In Athens (And Why To Do Them)

Here I am, up at 4am and half asleep, lackadaisically stuffing my clothes into my North Face duffel and dragging my butt out the front door and into my hosts weathered Toyota.

5 Reasons Why Dubrovnik (Kings Landing) Needs To Be In Your Travel Plans

Kings Landing Dubrovnik

Ah, Kings Landing.

The funny thing (not to locals) is that ‘Kings Landing’ is now tagged more often across social media than Dubrovnik.

Thank you, Game of Thrones.

The Land Of Fire And Ice – Part 4

Iceland, The Land Of Fire And Ice

It’s been a pretty wild journey up until this point.

From navigating my way through dirt roads with an 80km/h speed limit, getting lost in a landscape so baron that it shouldn’t be possible to get lost in, climbing a pseudo crater, driving through lava fields, being mesmerized by a glacier lagoon and the overwhelming glacier subtly flowing behind it, to experiencing a culture and landscape that is so different to one that I am used to. It had me at an utter loss for words.

In a good way. Actually, probably in the best way possible.

The Land Of Fire And Ice – Part 3

The King of the north!

Er, the capital of the north!

I had plans to head from Akureyri to Húsavík to do a whale watching tour, as it’s supposed to be the whale watching capital of the world. But I think I mentioned (I most definitely did) in both Part 1 and Part 2 that Iceland is expensive.