Storytelling Techniques To Increase Brand Loyalty

Story. Fable. Tale. Myth. Legend. The art of storytelling has been around for generations and is likely as old as the human race itself. Stories capture our imaginations and allow us, for a brief second, to forget everything else that is happening. Marketing and advertising professionals alike have been using storytelling to create effective ads … Continue reading Storytelling Techniques To Increase Brand Loyalty


The Top 9 Things To Do In Athens (And Why To Do Them)

I spent 6 days in total in Athens (3 at the beginning and 3 at the end of the trip) and got the unique opportunity to experience it in two different ways within two weeks: as a solo traveler and with travel companions. It gave me a lot of time to do some 'splorin and these are the top 9 things I know you should include in your trip to the ancient city