What Is Copywriting?


You know, those words you see all over the place?

Copywriters develop and write copy and content for various forms of advertising and marketing purposes including websites, social media, print advertising, brochures, online advertising, taglines, blog posts, reports, magazine articles, press releases, catalogs, speeches, marketing campaigns, email campaigns, television and radio scripts.

Everywhere, right?

Yet there is still a false notion that writing effective copy is as simple as writing some words down, putting them out there, and letting them do their thing. If it were that simple, why do global brands fork out millions of dollars to experienced copywriters? Because the return they can get on their investment far outweighs the initial cost.

Sid Lee, a creative agency out of Toronto, developed the ‘We The North’ campaign for the Toronto Raptors. The price tag linked to that campaign might seem steep (7 figures), but the effect it had on an entire country is almost incomprehensible.

They even went as far as to say ‘We The North’ wasn’t actually a campaign, but rather an example of how an identity-shaping truth can spark a brand crusade. And that it did.

Copywriting is a clever combination of creative talent, art, and science. In essence, it is the strategic and creative communication of information online, or in print, with the objective of advertising or marketing a product, service, person or idea, and eliciting a desired action.

Words convert. Words sell.


Copywriting Services from GrassWrite


  • Websites
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media
  • Print Advertising
  • Online Advertising
  • Brochures
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing Campaigns


Copywriting That Is Persuasive and Engaging


A word changes the meaning, the mood, and the motivation in a reader.

But what’s the key to killer copy? Having more knowledge about your audience than you can shake a spoon at. But still, how do you turn messages into results? Interest into action? Readers into customers?

Maybe you aren’t sure how to effectively reach your audience.

I suppose you might not be sure how to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Perhaps you just suck at writing. And that’s cool.

Let me help you tap into the opportunities you’ve been bypassing to boost revenue and generate more leads through persuasive, compelling, and authentic copywriting.


How Do I Do It? 


I talk to the right people. I do the right research. I ask the right questions and I listen. I listen intently.

I’ll help you take your rock star business from playing dive-bars and county fairs to launching a global tour to sold-out audiences screaming your name (picture crowd chanting now)

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